Acts 1:1-11

Key Thoughts

  • Jesus worked up to the day He ascended into heaven which means we all can have a part in the church family whether out front or in a prayerful quiet place.
  • The Holy Spirit was very active in the young church family even before the time of the baptism of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is key to salvation as He enters into a new followers life to help teach and encourage the believer.
  • Jesus ministered in two ways – showing He was alive (He is the living Savior not a dead prophet) and teaching about God’s kingdom or His design for our life on earth.  The church family is the best place to find out about living in God’s design for our lives.  Critical to this lifestyle is biblical teaching, prayer, telling others about our faith, and joining together in expressing or love for God (also called worship).
  • Luke reveals two disrinct and important instructions:
    • Wait and pray – sometimes we need to wait for God’s plan to unfold in our life and that waiting is best served through connecting with God in prayer.
    • Prepare for the promised gift – the Holy Spirit.  Preparing for the Holy Spirit to baptize us means we make the effort to study God’s Word to find out what a Christ-centered life begins to look like.  Faith Community Church helps you discover God’s purpose for your life through the Faith Journey classes.
  • Waiting for Christ is important but it is not our primary work according to Acts 1:8 because waiting without action does not lead anywhere.  Simply put, Jesus will return to earth one day but we are not to sit around just waiting for Him.  He wants us to live life to the fullest.  You are allowed to make all you can, save all you can, and give all you can as John Wesley puts it.  You do this best by living a Spirit-led life centered on Christ.
  • The gift is meant for power and witness.  Acts 1:8 discusses the promised gift in terms of sharing our faith in all walks of of our life.  The Holy Spirit gives us power to do so.  That is one of the distinctive traits of the Pentecostal lifestyle.  We do life with Christ, led by the Holy Spirit.

What does Acts 1:1-11 teach about the family of God?

  • The family of God is not powerless
  • The family of God has a mission
  • The family of God should grow

Come grow with us at Faith Community Church.  We look forward to meeting you.