Acts 1:12-26

“In choosing church leaders, believers have to be in the will of God; they must do the will of God. They cannot know who God’s choice for a leader is unless they are obeying Him. Disobedient and carnal believers end up with disobedient and carnal leaders, that is, with leaders who are fleshy and worldly, knowing little if anything about God and His will and the true spiritual matters of the church and its mission”.—Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible – Commentary

I am using this quote to emphasize the importance of proper church leadership.  When we are not following God’s will, we find it harder to identify God’s principles for living.  Another underlying truth is that disobedient followers of Christ will look for disobedient leaders.  Why?  An obedient leader will contradict the disobedient lifestyle.  People who do not truly want to follow Christ because they are more endeared to their own interpretation of the Bible will rebel against truth.

So, as seen in this passage from Acts, the disciples of Christ prayed and then prayed some more.  They were adamant about loving Christ to the best of their abilities.  When the time was appropriate, they sought a leader to fill the spot left empty by Judas.  They voted (cast lots) after they had prayed.  They wanted godly leaders so they prayed…okay, trying to make a point about voting.

Applying the Truth

  • Prayer is foundational to any beginning whether a new life following Jesus, a marriage, friendships, or even a new job.  Prayer connects us to God and helps us to remain in His will.
  • The church family must work together under God’s leading.  A disconnected church family will never be focused.  This is why Faith Community Church will measure all new ministries to its vision – to keep us focused.  A focused family can accomplish more for God and makes a much stronger support group.
  • The Holy Spirit is essential for the church to work, and it becomes evident in the next passage of Scripture.  Without the Holy Spirit working in us, we become self-centered.  The Holy Spirit helps us to see how we should connect within our community which becomes more apparent at the end of Acts chapter 2.

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