Acts 2:14-41

Today’s entry may seem short for such a long passage but there are three points that really stand out about church family.

  • Being a witness means you have to have witnessed something…. – Duh, but do not take this too lightly.  Experiences impact us in many different ways.  Growing up, schooling, friendships. family relationships, and more all impact the way we experience life and view things around us.  Our perspectives will differ from the perspectives of others, and our experience with Christ may differ also.  This is why our personal experience with Christ is important to share.  Our salvation matters.  The only constant is Christ.  Our stories should be important to us, and our enthusiasm for telling it or lack thereof will show.  How can your story impact someone?
  • Peter shared the Good News by engaging his environment. Peter engages the curiosity of those who gathered around the newly formed church family and helps the crowd equate what they were witnessing with the truth of Christ.  Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, told the story of Christ.  Sharing our faith will be determined by circumstances.  The better we know someone then the easier it is to share.
  • God has given us many tools to share His story – Scripture, personal experience, and others in the faith.
    • Scripture (the Bible, your Bible app….) reveals God’s plan for all mankind.  From the first sinful acts committed by Adam and Eve, Scripture shows how God has worked with mankind to re-establish a relationship with His most loved part of creation – us.  Mankind is not always a willing participant in this plan, yet God is very patient with us.  Scripture is God’s love song written for us to help us discover a deeper relationship with Him.
    • Personal experience reveals God’s acts of love in our life so we can share His commitment to us with others.  Our personal experience in following Jesus can hold a lot of weight towards how others will respond to God.
    • Others followers of Christ are a valuable resource for someone trying to learn what following Jesus means.  Peter had followed Jesus for three years and had personally watched the ministry of Christ.  A church family helps us to experience God’s love (though at times we may encounter someone who is having a bad day and his or her love is not very special).  Overall the church family is to love one another and to show love to those yet to follow Christ.  This is why a fellowship of believers is necessary.

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