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Parking at FCC

Currently our parking consists of several spots beside our building and on the side of the street in front of the church.  As the church grows, we will have additional parking available.

Thanks for your patience as we grow together.


Air Conditioning Part 2

Our air conditioning woes are over.  God worked among several to help us get five units up and running.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Also, Thanks to:

D&W Air Flow (Covington, GA)

Ozburn Electrical (Covington, GA)

Without your quick responses, we would be roasting.

Air Conditioning Update

The electrical controls for the outside air conditioning units were stolen from the church.  We have one estimate for the work needed and are awaiting a second before the insurance company will help.

Keep praying for a quick resolution to this problem.  We will push forward with fans until we are able to get something fixed.

Acts 2:14-41

Today’s entry may seem short for such a long passage but there are three points that really stand out about church family.

  • Being a witness means you have to have witnessed something…. – Duh, but do not take this too lightly.  Experiences impact us in many different ways.  Growing up, schooling, friendships. family relationships, and more all impact the way we experience life and view things around us.  Our perspectives will differ from the perspectives of others, and our experience with Christ may differ also.  This is why our personal experience with Christ is important to share.  Our salvation matters.  The only constant is Christ.  Our stories should be important to us, and our enthusiasm for telling it or lack thereof will show.  How can your story impact someone?
  • Peter shared the Good News by engaging his environment. Peter engages the curiosity of those who gathered around the newly formed church family and helps the crowd equate what they were witnessing with the truth of Christ.  Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, told the story of Christ.  Sharing our faith will be determined by circumstances.  The better we know someone then the easier it is to share.
  • God has given us many tools to share His story – Scripture, personal experience, and others in the faith.
    • Scripture (the Bible, your Bible app….) reveals God’s plan for all mankind.  From the first sinful acts committed by Adam and Eve, Scripture shows how God has worked with mankind to re-establish a relationship with His most loved part of creation – us.  Mankind is not always a willing participant in this plan, yet God is very patient with us.  Scripture is God’s love song written for us to help us discover a deeper relationship with Him.
    • Personal experience reveals God’s acts of love in our life so we can share His commitment to us with others.  Our personal experience in following Jesus can hold a lot of weight towards how others will respond to God.
    • Others followers of Christ are a valuable resource for someone trying to learn what following Jesus means.  Peter had followed Jesus for three years and had personally watched the ministry of Christ.  A church family helps us to experience God’s love (though at times we may encounter someone who is having a bad day and his or her love is not very special).  Overall the church family is to love one another and to show love to those yet to follow Christ.  This is why a fellowship of believers is necessary.

Join us in our new facility located at 7165 Turner Lake Circle SW, Covington, GA 30014 – every Sunday night at 5 pm!

Acts 2:1-13

  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit is God’s promise fulfilled.  Again the disciples gathered for prayer, and on this occasion God chose to fulfill His promise.
  • People must actively seek this baptism in order to receive it.  The disciples were waiting in Jerusalem as Jesus had asked them.  They gathered regularly and waited.  Waiting takes a lot of patience.  The fruit of the Spirit attained through salvation includes patience as an attribute.  The Holy Spirit was already active in the lives of the believers.  The gatherings, however, were about waiting for the baptism – not just the Holy Spirit.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a special work of God, in those who believe, to empower them to boldly share their faith.
  • The Holy Spirit seeks those who seek the holiness of God.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit will not just come on anyone.  There has to be a genuine effort on the part of the believer to live out God’s way of life.  It should be evident in public and in private.  You cannot have secret sins and expect to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.  You have to be on a journey to be holy as God is holy.  1 Peter 1:16 compels us to be holy.  Verse 15 adds the word behavior.  Salvation is a change of behaviors.  We turn away from the behaviors that separate us from God and under the unction of the Holy Spirit we are gifted with His fruit (Galatians 5:22-23).  This gifting leads us to desire God’s holiness (or right way for living).  Only in seeking holiness (not perfection) can we experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • The initial evidence of baptism is speaking in tongues.  Several times in Acts the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evident through prophecy and speaking in unknown languages (whether heavenly or languages of earth).  We will see this when Peter explains his encounter at the home of Cornelius later in the book of Acts.  See our statement of belief to learn more.
  • True spiritual moves will be followed by signs and wonders.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit drew thousands of people to the followers of Christ.  We know this because 3,000 will believe and become followers of Christ on this day.  The first baptism event was so powerful that it became a sign of wonderment to those who did not understand.  People from foreign lands were hearing their language being spoken by common, everyday men and women.
  • Signs and wonders will need to be explained.  From the standpoint of those who did not yet follow Christ, the followers of Christ must have appeared drunk.  Peter stepped forward to explain the truth of what was happening.  Signs and wonders followed and an explanation was needed to help people understand.  The people who had gathered we amazed and perplexed.  They needed someone to help them grasp the significance of this work.  Peter’s explanation would help thousands of people to grasp the truth of the gospel (the good news).

Join us Sunday night as we gather again to explore more about the work of the Holy Spirit in the church family and how the church can make a significant impact within its community.

Acts 1:12-26

“In choosing church leaders, believers have to be in the will of God; they must do the will of God. They cannot know who God’s choice for a leader is unless they are obeying Him. Disobedient and carnal believers end up with disobedient and carnal leaders, that is, with leaders who are fleshy and worldly, knowing little if anything about God and His will and the true spiritual matters of the church and its mission”.—Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible – Commentary

I am using this quote to emphasize the importance of proper church leadership.  When we are not following God’s will, we find it harder to identify God’s principles for living.  Another underlying truth is that disobedient followers of Christ will look for disobedient leaders.  Why?  An obedient leader will contradict the disobedient lifestyle.  People who do not truly want to follow Christ because they are more endeared to their own interpretation of the Bible will rebel against truth.

So, as seen in this passage from Acts, the disciples of Christ prayed and then prayed some more.  They were adamant about loving Christ to the best of their abilities.  When the time was appropriate, they sought a leader to fill the spot left empty by Judas.  They voted (cast lots) after they had prayed.  They wanted godly leaders so they prayed…okay, trying to make a point about voting.

Applying the Truth

  • Prayer is foundational to any beginning whether a new life following Jesus, a marriage, friendships, or even a new job.  Prayer connects us to God and helps us to remain in His will.
  • The church family must work together under God’s leading.  A disconnected church family will never be focused.  This is why Faith Community Church will measure all new ministries to its vision – to keep us focused.  A focused family can accomplish more for God and makes a much stronger support group.
  • The Holy Spirit is essential for the church to work, and it becomes evident in the next passage of Scripture.  Without the Holy Spirit working in us, we become self-centered.  The Holy Spirit helps us to see how we should connect within our community which becomes more apparent at the end of Acts chapter 2.

Want to get connected?  Check our How to Get Involved page.

Acts 1:1-11

Key Thoughts

  • Jesus worked up to the day He ascended into heaven which means we all can have a part in the church family whether out front or in a prayerful quiet place.
  • The Holy Spirit was very active in the young church family even before the time of the baptism of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is key to salvation as He enters into a new followers life to help teach and encourage the believer.
  • Jesus ministered in two ways – showing He was alive (He is the living Savior not a dead prophet) and teaching about God’s kingdom or His design for our life on earth.  The church family is the best place to find out about living in God’s design for our lives.  Critical to this lifestyle is biblical teaching, prayer, telling others about our faith, and joining together in expressing or love for God (also called worship).
  • Luke reveals two disrinct and important instructions:
    • Wait and pray – sometimes we need to wait for God’s plan to unfold in our life and that waiting is best served through connecting with God in prayer.
    • Prepare for the promised gift – the Holy Spirit.  Preparing for the Holy Spirit to baptize us means we make the effort to study God’s Word to find out what a Christ-centered life begins to look like.  Faith Community Church helps you discover God’s purpose for your life through the Faith Journey classes.
  • Waiting for Christ is important but it is not our primary work according to Acts 1:8 because waiting without action does not lead anywhere.  Simply put, Jesus will return to earth one day but we are not to sit around just waiting for Him.  He wants us to live life to the fullest.  You are allowed to make all you can, save all you can, and give all you can as John Wesley puts it.  You do this best by living a Spirit-led life centered on Christ.
  • The gift is meant for power and witness.  Acts 1:8 discusses the promised gift in terms of sharing our faith in all walks of of our life.  The Holy Spirit gives us power to do so.  That is one of the distinctive traits of the Pentecostal lifestyle.  We do life with Christ, led by the Holy Spirit.

What does Acts 1:1-11 teach about the family of God?

  • The family of God is not powerless
  • The family of God has a mission
  • The family of God should grow

Come grow with us at Faith Community Church.  We look forward to meeting you.