CLASS 101- 401

Faith Journey

Our Classes are designed to help you progress in your faith – into a progression to help you lead a Christ-centered lifestyle.  Through these classes, you will learn new ways to grow in your walk with Christ:

Class 101 – “Exploring Christ”

Class 101 focuses on our Beliefs, Mission, Values and Faith. Pastor David teaches this informative class for newcomers, for those interested in church membership, or for anyone wanting a relationship with Jesus.

Class 201 – “Growing in Christ”

Class 201 features topics such as Prayer and Fasting, Scripture Memorization, Bible Study, Devotional Life, Fellowship and more.

Class 301 – “Close to Christ”

Class 301 is for those who have completed Classes 101 and 201 and is designed to help you find your unique ministry S.H.A.P.E.

Class 401 – “Christ-centered”

Class 401 covers Becoming a Missions Minded Person, Learning about Personal Evangelism, Discovering Missions Opportunities and more.

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